Dear friends, dear colleagues,

We are thrilled and deeply honoured to host the FENS 2022 meeting in Paris.

This Forum represents a unique opportunity for neuroscientists from all over the world to gather in the City of Lights and enjoy exquisite science in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

FENS 2022 will be the largest neuroscience event ever organised in France and all the members of our society are committed to its success.

Neuroscience research will be celebrated in Paris all year long, with exhibitions, outreach events and artistic performances, culminating with the FENS Forum. We hope to see you in two years!

Welcome to Paris, Bienvenue à Paris!

Picture of Alain Chedotal, Chair of the Host Society Committee, FENS Forum 2022, taking place in Paris, 9-13 July

Alain Chédotal

Chair of the Host Society Committee