A.1 CNS patterning

A.2 Neurogenesis and gliogenesis

A.3 Development of neural systems

A.4 Synaptogenesis and activity-dependent development

A.5 Molecular signals and their receptors

A.6 Environmental factors

A.7 Transplantation, regeneration and in vitro models

B.1 Cell excitability

B.2 Ion channels

B.3 Intracellular dynamics

B.4 Gene expression and regulation

B.5 Epigenetic mechanisms

B.6 Cell types

B.7 Myelination

C.1 Synaptic transmission

C.2 Neurotransmitters and their receptors

C.3 Transporters

C.4 Synaptic integration

C.5 Synaptic plasticity

C.6 Glia-neuron interactions

D.1 Chemical senses

D.2 Vestibular system

D.3 Auditory system

D.4 Vision

D.5 Tactile/somatosensory system

D.6 Association cortex

D.7 Multisensory integration

D.8 Pain

D.9 Motor neurons and muscle

D.10 Motor control centers

D.11 Motor control 

D.12 Brain-machine interface

E.1 Human studies

E.2 Animal studies

E.3 Neuroethology

E.4 Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

F.1 Neuroendocrine

F.2 Neuronal control of organ function

F.3 Neuroimmunology

F.4 Stress and the brain

F.5 Regulation of food intake, nutrient and liquid homeostasis and body weight

F.6 Biological rhythms and sleep

F.7 Brain vasculature

F.8 Metabolism

F.9 Microbiome and brain function

G.1 Mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases

G.2 Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias

G.3 Parkinson’s disease

G.4 Huntington’s disease

G.5 Ataxias

G.6 Motor neuron diseases

G.7 Mitochondriopathies

G.8 Neuroinfectious diseases

G.9 Epilepsy

G.10 Ischemia

G.11 Peripheral nerve diseases

G.12 CNS autoimmune diseases

G.13 Trauma

G.14 Neuro-oncology

G.15 Developmental disorders

G.16 Mental health

G.17 Lifestyle and environmental factors 

G.18 Neuron-glia interactions 

H.1 Neural circuit motifs

H.2 Population coding

H.3 Oscillations

H.4 Synchronization

I.1 Data analysis

I.2 Data driven modelling

I.3 Conceptual modelling and pure theory

J.1 Molecular and genetic techniques

J.2 Anatomy

J.3 Electrophysiology

J.4 Imaging methods

J.5 Intervention methods

J.6 Neuromorphic engineering

J.7 Animal behaviour

J.8 Data analysis and software tools

K.1 Data management

K.2 History of neuroscience

K.3 Ethical issues

K.4 Public outreach