Various Networking Events will be organised by FENS, the Host Society Committee and other third-parties to confer a lively atmosphere to the Forum.

A networking event is an evening event that is included as part of the FENS Forum scientific programme. It is happening within the congress center or outside of the congress center.

Organisations, societies, institutions, patient groups, project groups, companies, and other stakeholders are invited to organise their networking events during the FENS Forum.

The structure and the programme are created by the organiser and can include a frontal session, a panel discussion or other session formats. The networking event can include a cocktail reception (the extra cost will be covered by the organiser).

Registration to the Networking Events will be possible through the Forum registration system online.


Call for Networking Events Proposals

Submission for networking event proposals will remain open until 20 April 2022.

Contact us for any queries at:

Click here to submit your networking event

The content of these events should not conflict with the core scientific programme of the Forum and can take place only after the last Plenary Lecture of the day.

Please note: if the networking event is organised at the congress center, it starts at 18:45 and ends at 20:30 at the latest. If it is organised outside of the congress center the event starts at 18:45 and ends at your designated time.

Networking events should be proposed on behalf of organisations / institutions (not individuals).

Submitted proposal are pending approval by the chairman of the FENS Programme Committee.

Proposals should be submitted via the online Submission form with the following information:

  1. Name of the organisation, institute or company (if FENS Committee, specify the name of the Committee)
  2. Name of the contact person
  3. E-mail and address of the contact person
  4. Title of the networking event for the announcement
  5. Preferred date (Sunday – Tuesday July 10-13, always after 18:45 and till 20:30 if held at the Congress Centre).
  6. Location
  7. Brief description and purpose (to be published in the announcement)

The evaluation and approval of the proposed networking event by the Programme Committee chair will be based on the information provided in the Application file.

For networking events organised at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, the information on expected group size must be provided in the application file. Please note that the room will be set in theater style. We are unable to change this set up. The room has basic AV – projector, screen and microphone. Additional AV equipment or services will be charged extra.

Organisers should preferably choose the Congress Venue in Paris to hold their networking event. Please note that organisation of the networking event outside of the congress center cannot be administrated by FENS and is under full responsibility of its organisers.

  • Commercial Organisation – prices advised by Industry Liaison Specialist.
  • Non-profit Organisation – 200€

The submission of the event after December 6, 2021 and till the final acceptance deadline on April 20, 2022 will be charged an additional administrative fee of 150€

Only applicable for the networking events held at the Congress Centre.

  • Commercial Organisation – prices advised by Industry Liaison Specialist.
  • Non-profit Organisation – 500€

Meeting space for networking events is offered free of charge for all FENS member societies, FENS committees and FENS partner organisations, and include basic AV included in the spaces where events take place.
The rooms allocated for the networking events in the Congress Centre include the following: standard set-up: chairs in theatre style, projector, screen and microphone.
Internet connection, additional AV equipment and/or catering services at the Congress Centre should be applied for and can be provided at an additional fee.

  • Networking events are subject to approval by the chairman of the FENS Programme Committee and will only be announced in the FENS Forum 2022 programme when all conditions have been met. Networking events should be proposed on behalf of organisations/institutions (not individuals).
  • Submitted proposal are pending approval by the chairman of the FENS Programme Committee.
  • The topic of the networking event should not compete with the scientific programme of the Forum.
  • Networking events must be held from 18:45. When organised at the Congress Centre, networking events can be held until 20:30 at the latest.
  • The networking events organised outside of the Congress Centre are under full responsibility of the organiser.

Interested to submit a satellite event? Click here for details.