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SiE11 – Neuroethics roundtable workshop (14:00-15:30)


This roundtable workshop aims to bring together key actors in the field of neuroethics and provide a broad contextual overview as a foundation to discuss and prioritise coordinated actions with the broader neuroscience community.

At 2:00 pm
Pavilion 7, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

NE10 – Are we equipped to work interdisciplinarily? – On the lack of philosophical education for neuroscientists (18:45-20:30)


How can neuroscientists benefit from extending their expertise into philosophical realms? Philosophical thinking tradition excels in the analysis of arguments, the reflection on modes of justification, and the elaboration of limits of statements or concepts, which can expand the horizon of each neuroscientist. Sounds too theoretical? By means of concrete examples from scientific practice, we will show how interdisciplinary projects strongly benefit from conceptual and philosophical input.

At 6:45 pm
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

SE10 – The cognitive thalamus (09:00-18:00)


Our satellite meeting is organized in the spirit of bringing together research colleagues who are interested in the thalamus and investigate its role in cognition, especially through its interactions with the hippocampal formation and prefrontal areas, its contribution to cognitive and behavioral brain functions and/or dysfunctions; and as a treatment target for neurological and psychiatric diseases.

At 9:00 am
IPGG (Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes) - ESPCI Paris