Maximize your Forum experience

Search for “FENS 2022” in your app store, or press the buttons below for a direct link, and download the FENS Forum 2022 App.

To ensure the smooth functioning of the app, unfortunately not all authors could be included, just the presenting authors*.

Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to log in using the credentials you received via email (see more details below).

App features include:

  • Send questions to the speakers
  • Search for presenting authors*
  • Search for sessions and presentations using keywords
  • Build your personal schedule
  • Save sessions, create notes and add to your favourites
  • Access speakers & session information
  • View the abstracts and e-posters
  • And more

Make sure to select the correct time zone in the programme
(see below for instructions on how to do it).

*you can search for other authors in the downloadable Abstract e-book

Navigating the App

To access the app content, you need to log in with your personal credentials.

  1. The email you used for registration to the FENS Forum
  2. The registration ID you received via email (this ID number will also appear on your badge at the Forum)

After you fill in your login data, click on ‘Sign in’.

Once you access the app, you will see a ‘How to use the app’ section on the app homepage.

Click on ‘Read more’ to open the full instructions and learn how to navigate the FENS Forum 2022 app with ease.

From the app homepage, you can directly access the interactive Forum programme, poster sessions and exhibition information, by clicking on the respective buttons at the bottom of the homepage.

Click on ‘More’ to explore other useful information available on the app.

Once you have accessed the ‘More’ section of the app, you will find a list of useful pages:

  • General information, such as Venue and WiFi details, opening hours, code of conduct, social media details, overview of awards and prizes, as well as more information about the speakers and presenters.
  • Programme at a Glance, as well as information about the different sessions types at the Forum
  • Lists of speakers and participants
  • On Display activities, such as the Training area in the exhibition area, and the Art & Outreach Lounge on the registration floor
  • COVID regulations
  • Forum daily podcasts
  • FENS Forum 2024 intro

To set the displayed session times in the programme according to your preference, follow the steps below:

Go to the programme

Click on Filters

Click on ‘Timezone’

Choose between ‘Local’ (your current timezone) and ‘Event’ (Paris times)

Bookmark the sessions you want to attend, to personalise your schedule and plan your attendance even better:

Find the session you wish to attend and click on the bookmark sign

Review your bookmarked sessions, by clicking on ‘Programme’ -> ‘Filters’ -> ‘Programme Items – Saved’ -> ‘Show results’

Review the list of your bookmarked sessions

While at the FENS Forum, you can ask questions to the speakers live – either in-person, using one of the microphones in the session hall, or via the app as illustrated below:

Go to the programme

Open the session you are attending by clicking on its name

Click on ‘Resources’, and then ‘Interactive’

Type your question in the field and click on the green arrow to send it.